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About Light Matters

Established in 2005, Light Matters is a family-owned Woodinville, Washington based contemporary lighting showroom.  We support retail clients, interior designers and architects with consultation and provision of the finest lighting fixtures available.

Chris - Chris

“What get’s me up in the morning? (aside from the dog and 5 kids…?), I try to think of everyday is my opportunity to help a variety of people achieve something beyond what they had envisioned.”

*My guilty Pleasure: Something sweet to eat every morning, I’m always happy to eat a cookie after breakfast. You never know when it could be your last day and I certainly don’t want to miss dessert!

Cheryl - Cheryl

“What gets me up in the morning? (aside from my kids “needing” me immediately!), I love the idea of today could be the day something I do or say could impact another person’s life in a positive way. I always make it a point to smile and say hello to that person that looks like they could use a positive word. You never know what road that person has walked and been through, your smile could change their entire thought process.”

*My Guilty Pleasure: I am a crafty person, I especially love to scrapbook! Yes, I attend Scrapbook retreats and even have an entire room dedicated to all my Scrapbook paraphernalia! I take a ton of photos and my kids know every photo has the potential to end up on one of my pages!  

Cassie - Cassie

Noce - Italian for NUT! - Noce - Italian for NUT!

“What get’s him up in the morning? The urge to chase the cat and wake people up to play!” His favorite pastime is to sleep, play and bring Joy to all of our Clients who visit the Showroom. He also has this incredible power to somehow get many other surrounding work neighbors to stop in to say hi, bring treats and other fellow four legged friends for playdates!

*His Guilty Pleasure: He loves bananas…..!

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